Welcome to the most chilled out Net Label on the planet


Sister Label to EML Recordings, we launched in May 2012. Expect to hear plenty of Chilled out super sexy music coming out of this label, in the months and years to come. We focus on Electronica, Down Tempo, Deep House, Minimal Techno, Chill Out, Lounge & Leftfield.


AntonSzander - Winter NightsAnton SZander l – Winter Nights – Release Date 4th April 2013If you like music that engages with your soul as well as with your ears, then this one is for you. Broken Beat, Electronica with the slightest hint of Industrial IDM is what we have here. It’s one of those tracks that leaves it’s mark o the listener, you’re never quite the same person you was before you hear it. A solid production from Anton.
Ruhr Chill Factory, M.z.K, Cyberboy_313, Electric Okra, Enemy Within, Psykotronik, ElectricOkra, Storefunk, Dirtie Deejayz, Cristian Ketelaars, Redcard Collector, Electromagnetic Impulses & Crimson Death, AntonSzander, Mike Hoang, NeuroTek, De Vio, Pfaff - Brill, Crimson Death, Crystal Matrix, Esper Haddad, B, Electromagnetic Impulses, Dementio 13 - Electronica Essentials 2013Various Artists – Electronica Essentials 2013This monster compilation combines the power of artists from all 4 corners of the planet (although the planet isn’t really square is it ?). Covering all aspect of Electronica, from the most chilled out down tempo, through to industrial, this release has it all. quality combined with quantity this is LayZee’s first compilation release, but it won’t be our last. Pure value for money.

RELEASE DATE 2012-03-18


Colby - Spring Energy & PrecipiceColby – Spring Energy & Precipice Release Date: 28th March 2013Randy Colby (AKA Colby, Wreckless Abandon, Project One, Citizen Abstract) is always striving to push the boundaries of music into future genres and styles. His strengths are composition, melody, vocals, synth programming, and sound synthesis. All of these skills are evident in this incredible Deep House release, it’s TB-303 emulator heaven.

Snowy - True Love We MakeSnowy – True Love We Make Release Date 4th April 2013After a break of almost 3 years we are proud to welcome back one of the first artists ever to grace the doors of our umbrella label EML Recordings. This single release from Snowy is up front House at it’s very best, progressive layering, with a touch of genius on the composition and placement of effects , vocal inserts combine with a deep club soundscape and the result is an enormous single that is spot on for any dance floor.