EML Recordings artist imageBiography:

“Mark Stewart” the man behind the electronic music act ( AntonSzander ), born and bred in Edinburgh Scotland, and living in Lincolnshire England since 2008.

First started making music on ps2 mtv music generator I would listen to trance tracks that where big at that time and recreate them on this basic software i remember doing a cover of Robert miles children and liquid child diving faces they where bang on to what the original sounded that I ended up playing them among others live around my local village where I stayed and got really good feedback from this , I then got the next in the series but started to find them to limited so i worked really hard ( was only 14 at the time and still in school ) doing night shift as well as going to school was hard but in the end I managed to save up for a basic pc from there I started using software like ejay then moved on to magix music maker which was a big leap and a steep learning curve ( at the time ).

That is when i did my first digital mix called demons of me which sounded bad to say the least but a few of my tracks did stand out , I then moved on to produce my first dance album titled Yin&Yang , I kept plugging away and eventually found a collage course in music and production technology at jewel and esk valley collage Edinburgh in which I learnt a lot about three software’s that I still use ableton, cubase sx 3, reason, I also learnt about mastering my tracks better and received an HND at the end of it all.

Even from when I started creating music till this day I go by the way of not being defined to one specific genre I like to go between and sometimes mash up genres together that’s just the way I produce and it gives me constant new ideas for creating and keeping my music fresh.
But if I had to choose two genre’s to sum up my music it would be Experimental/Electro.

My hardware and software I use at current are ableton live 7 and reason 5, cubase sx 3 as well as VirtualDJ pro 7 on my Pc.

And on my laptop I have ableton live 8 fl studio 10 (although I tend not to use that as much these days) and also cubase sx 3 as well as VirtualDJ pro 7
(plus a whole host of VST PLUG-INS) on both machines.

————————————–MY SETUP———————————-

I have an iPad and iPod touch and a Samsung galaxy for controlling my DAW’S wirelessly.

I have an Akai Synthstation 25 and also an Akai Synthstation 49 iPad MIDI Keyboard, Yamaha DGX-200 midi keyboard, NUMARK IDJ3 for dj’ing.
YRG midi guitar and a Fender Squire guitar, Korg NanoKontrol 2, Korg padKONTROL MIDI Studio Controller, IK Multimedia iRig iMic and a few other things that add to my home studio.


My first ever album Yin & Yang 2002 “mostly dance tracks”.

Through the tunnel 2007 my first venture into drum and bass.

F.E.A.R 2008 my first venture into industrial electro music.

Free Fall 2009 my first full on euphoric trance album.

Unity in Diversity 2009 my first ever EP I did which is a true mix of genre’s and dedicated to my daughter.

Nuclear Mid Winter 2010 my second EP and another go at industrial music a lot more heavier and in your face than my other album F.E.A.R!

Tokyo Midnight Rain 2011 one of my favourite albums I have done a Psychedelic mix of house, minimal trance, ambient electro, bigbeat, breakbeat, and more.

Remixed album 1 2012 all remixes trance genre.

Remixed album 2 2012 all remixes breaks genre.

Remixed album 3 2012 all remixes drum and bass genre.

And there is plenty more on the cards for 2013 with my trance album New Dawn coming, also a liquid drum and bass EP, a Dubstep EP, and my massive “Random house album” which will feature a mass of 18 top pumping tunes to keep you going all night long!!. I am also going to be working on an Electro death metal EP which will be a side project expect a lot of screaming distorted guitars and some new ideas ;-)

I am also to feature on various albums/EP’S produced by other acts including my tracks along for the ride all in all 2013 is gonna be one hell of a year for music !!.




AntonSzander - Winter NightsAntonSzander – Winter Nights

If you like music that engages with your soul as well as with your ears, then this one is for you. Broken Beat, Electronica with the slightest hint of Industrial IDM is what we have here. It’s one of those tracks that leaves it’s mark o the listener, you’re never quite the same person you was before you hear it. A solid production from Anton.

RELEASE DATE 2013-04-04
LABEL LayZee Records

Coming Soon

*AntonSzander* on Beatport

*AntonSzander* on Juno Download


AntonSzander - Fear

AntonSzander – Fear

RELEASE DATE 2012-11-07
LABEL LayZee Records

The album was made when i was going through a rough patch in life and started listening to a lot of dark music that kind of rubbed off on me and decided to start this album the album stands for Free.Everyone.Against.Religion. The album is a mix of industrial metal, psy breaks, break beat, psybient, dark psy.

*AntonSzander* on Beatport

*AntonSzander* on Juno Download


AntonSzander - Nuclear Mid WinterAntonSzander – Nuclear Mid Winter

Release Date: 12/13/2012

This was a total experamental ep as at the time i was listening to alot of death metal black metal gore metal and so on from bands like ( Hypocrisy ) ( Dimmu Borgir ) ( Mortician ) ( Fear factory ) ( Mayhem ) and Dominion where a great influence. I thought why not bring that to the electronic side of music thats when i came up with this EP, suppose you could say its my second industrial metal album but this EP is more in your face and alot darker and the last track is a pure journey . Genres in

*AntonSzander* on Beatport

*AntonSzander* on Juno Download


AntonSzander - 2012AntonSzander – 2012

Release Date: 12/31/2012

I wanted to create an album that was upbeat and uplifting in regards to the year 2012 which has been doom and gloom for everyone and the imposing end of days predicted by the Mayans ( don’t worry we will still be loving more trance and electro music in 2013 AntonSzander.

*AntonSzander* on Beatport

*AntonSzander* on Juno Download


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