Electromagnetic Impulses




Electromagnetic Impulses, is a producer of all styles of EDM.

Electromagnetic Impulses ( Jason Mallett), has been producing music for 10 years, having started off on his mum’s keyboard back in the mid 80’s. In 1996 he picked up a copy of Music 2000 for the Sony Playstation™, and was instantly hooked on producing and creating music.

In 2006, after learning how to structure and arrange music, he bought his first PC and immediately set to work on an impressive catalogue of tracks, formally launching on the Internet in February 2007.

Since then his music has been used on a feature film, commercial and internet radio. He was nominated as a finalist in the Glasswerk New Music awards in 2007,  has put out several releases, started up his own label, hosts a weekly radio show, collaborated with artists across the globe, organized several outdoor festivals, now runs his own radio station, and has various projects ongoing, as one fan put it

There’s collab’s, events, Radio stations and I could go on…but this dudes done more shit than I can put in one song

He is best known for his infectious Techno, and his classic Tech-Step Drum N Bass, one thing is for sure, if E.I writes a tune, you WILL dance to it !!







Uncharted Territory continues on from the success of E.I’s ‘Hemp Saved my Life’ single. This release is jam packed full of twisting, funky bass riffs, hard impacting drums and percussions and some high energy intelligently structured synth patterns that will have any drum n bass dance floor shaking and a groovin. Attention Dj’s this release is going to change your perception on where D+B is going, this release will surely hail the introduction of Electromagnetic Impulses, and place him firmly on the Drum N Bass map. Track 2 features the amazing vocal talent of Australian vocalist and collaborator ‘Pixieguts’. Track 3 is an E.I Remix of the up and coming D+B industrialist ‘Crimson Death’s’ track ‘Sick’. Track 4 is a collaboration with the amazingly talented ‘Rigg-a-Mortis’. Tracks 1 and 5 are original works by E.I. Enjoy.


Originally released in 2007, E.I decided to re-ignite the fire, for one of his most popular tracks, a full on UK Techno or Hard Dance stomper, full on energy filled thumper, with some sexy acid synth’s and a no holes barred action packed bouncy stomper, turn it up !!

Electromagnetic Impulses – Scratchin The Surface

► Tracklist

1 Scratchin The Surface 5:34 £ 1.39 


This 5 track EP from UK Electromagnetic Impulses (Jason Mallett), is without doubt his finest creation yet. Many followers of this intrepid artist thought that he had reached the limit of perfection with his previous and successful releases in 2009 (String Theory) and again in 2010 with his ‘Uncharted Territory’ EP, but he is back to prove that once again he is the true master of all genres. What follows is 6 spell bindingly addictive tracks progressive Trance is the main theme, but with a breaks Remix, and A hardstyle pounder that will have any dance floor heaving, and quite possibly the biggest Ibiza style club anthem of 2011, this release has something for everyone This is what DJ Crimson Death had to say about this release after listening to the pre-masters in Nov 2010 Just had a proper smoke, sat down with my earphones and listened to your EP Gotta say, it’s your best work yet! Its a psy-techno journey into the heart of modern dance music itself. Excellent job brutha!!! I’m proud of you. The progressions and layers are dark and complex, yet simple enough as not to detract from the sonic nature of the tracks. Electromagnetic Impulses is back!!!

Electromagnetic Impulses – Wishmaster

► Tracklist

1 Wishmaster 6:39 album only
2 Bamboozled 8:14 album only
3 Get Mad 5:58 album only
4 Music is my Medication (Ei Remix) 5:02 album only
5 Floor Funkt 6:33 album only
6 Into The Multiverse 6:25 album only


Classic Drum and Bass, with Club overtones. This 2 track single release is a must buy for any Original D’n’B head, and any Drum N Bass DJ that wants to bring back those memories of the mid to late 90’s.(remember Helter Skelter and Dreamscape ?). Progressive, with fantastic Electronic Synth patterns, and a really catchy Bass line, this release will make you wonder where Electromagnetic Impulses has been hiding all these years. The B side features the amazing vocal talent of Corrientes (New York), and is a real floor filler



This full on Psy-Trance release is the first delve into Psy Trance for Electromagnetic Impulses. This is a pounding heavy tribal track, with a slice of industrial Techno thrown in for good measure. This continues the success of Psy Trance releases coming out of EML Recordings, and with several more releases already lined up through EML in the months ahead your going to be seeing the EML name thrown around in Psy Trance circles in 2010 and beyond.

Electromagnetic Impulses – 380 Nanometres

► Tracklist

1 380 Nanometres 5:30 £ 1.39 


Love Thy Neighbour. This song was originally going to be about fruit. I was looking for something that rhymed with ‘labours’and I got ‘neighbours’ and it ended up being fruit sauce. It is very important to know and visit your neighbours and follow the advice of this song. Some of us wonder whats the best way to have world peace and this song gives us a way that is so strong and only benefits society.This song is the most suitable song you can hear at any time. It is guaranteed to lift your spirits to great heights of ecstasy and keep you up there for many years to come. Titee is a master musician and has been compared to Mozart for his genius. He delights us at every turn and continually gives us, the listening public, incredible gifts of sound suitable for all genre lovers. If you love any type of music you will love this song. If you do not like music you will love this song because it will speak to your heart and love you forever.

Electromagnetic Impulses – Let’s Root

► Tracklist

1 Let’s Root (Ei Remix) 5:37 album only

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