EML Recordings artist imageM.z.K

GENRES : Electronica / Trance

Born in Switzerland 1983/09/19 and moved  to Portugal. M.z.K started to make music with raveejay and magix and later on Rebirth .

His first official music project came at the age of 17 and its called Acid Trip.

He got now boasts a collection over more then 100 “completed” tracks.

His soul sticks to trance, but he produces other EDM too and I’s always looking for a challenge collab or remix.

His music has grown over the years, and it is the continued growth of his work that attracted EML, now with 2 releases under his belt.

and some big projects coming up, M.z.K is the epitome of someone that listens, learn’s and is advacing well

Artist Links:


M.z.K - Liquid MelodyMZK – LIQUID MELODY

M.z.K makes a debut release through LayZee. Classic House, laid back, intelligent and infectious.



M.z.K is back once again, improved, matured, and evolved.

After the success of his summer release, which at time of writing is till in the top 40 Amazon Trance download charts, he is back, bigger and badder than before.

The 6 track extended EP, is flawless, a harmonic uplifting and captivating Trance classic, full of gentle floaty patterns, and cleverly produced to entice you into his world.

And what a world it is, full of hope and joy, all 6 tracks on this release, crown M.zK’s finest moment to date, a producer that learns fast, and is maturing with every project.

One not to miss, and no doubt another top 10 position somewhere.


Mzk – Above The Sky

► Tracklist

1 Cascade Falls 6:30 £ 1.39 
2 Above The Sky 4:26 £ 1.39 
3 Summer Sunshine 6:15 £ 1.39 
4 Life In It’s Fullest 4:33 £ 1.39 
5 Spring Is Over 3:41 £ 1.39 
6 Never Give Up 7:12 £ 1.39 


M.z.K - Essence of Life 2012ESSENCE OF LIFE

This is M.z.K’s first release through EML Recordings. An artist that has been at number one in his local Reverb Nation charts for years, and someone that clearly has a passion for playing the piano. This release is uplifting in the extreme full of emotion, you will not be able to listen to this without your heart, mind, and soul being flung off to a far of place full of wonder. Some producer write tracks for the dancefloor, other write music for the soul, and this is an example of such as release.

Mzk – Essence Of Life 2011

► Tracklist

1 To Be Alone Out There 6:14 £ 1.39 
2 Flawless Harmony 6:39 £ 1.39 
3 Feel The Essence Of Life 13:58 £ 1.39 
4 Soulful House Sessions 6:00 £ 1.39 
5 Reason To Believe 3:51 £ 1.39 
6 Guardian Angel 6:12 £ 1.39 



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