Just your average geek. That is Pfaff-Brill. If he finds anything that is likely to produce a sound when you grab it, better hide it. He started making electronic music on an Amstrad CPC back in mid eigthies. Different machines followed. He produced soundtracker modules for computer demos and while being on he road with different electronic band projects in the mid nineties fell deeply in love with darker electronic music. He has worked as a songwriter and texter with different bands and put out his debut solo LP through EML.




This is one for the summer.
A classic uplifting Electronica hit, that conjures up images of sipping cocktails by the poolside.
This is fruity Electronica, pure filth, funk, and groove.
Get ready to get funked with this one, and if you’re a DJ and your crowd are nicely worked up, drop this one and feel the pleasure.


Just your average Geek. That´s Pfaff-Brill. He is into electronic music ever since he got his paws on his first home computer, an Amstrad CPC back in 1984. Starting to enjoy producing soundtracks in the late 80ies on Amigas and Ataris, he is now sitting in the basement making dark electronic sounds and vocal tracks with any machine he can get access to.


Pfaff – Brill and Electrum Shiv join forces to give you a very special collaboration EP ‘Twisted’. Electrum Shiv enthuses each track with his Techno inspired beats, synths, and layering, which add’s a new dimension to Pfaff – Brill’s dark vocal Electro inspired tracks. 2 artists who have never met, conspire, and collaborate to give you a very special 4 track journey into the very heart of Leftfieldism, one not to miss !–Brill&send=false&layout=standard&width=450&show_faces=true&action=like&colorscheme=light&font=arial&height=80


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