Sinista Music

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Introducing Sinista Music, a brother and sister act (DJ Riley and Sinista Soph) from the UK with a true old-skool vibe. Get your glow sticks, whistles, white gloves and horns at the ready, EML goes happy hardcore on you. We’ve been waiting a long time to find an act that brings back the happy vibes of the late 90s.

Sinista Music deliver big time on Happy Hardcore anthems with dubstep, break and electro undertones. Their tracks feature thumping kicks, uplifting crazy synths andblinding off-the-wall vocals. If you were clubbing it in the 90’s, you’ll have some very fond (if not a little blurry) memories while dancing your socks off to the Sinista Music vibe – but if this is your first encounter of Happy Hardcore, you’ll see why it shaped a generation of club music and still continues to influence today.



Sinista Music - OKSinista Music – OK – Release Date: 09/15/2012

I defy anyone to listen to this and not become engaged in the sheer catchyness of this rolling Beak Beat, Trip Hop thumper.
Some very well laid out drum pattern programming and an effective synth hook combine to deliver the sort of track that makes people jump up and down on the spot.
Another first class release from Sinista Music, and one of two releases form them in quick succession via two of our labels

*Sinista Music* on Beatport

*Sinista Music* on Juno Download




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