EML Recordings artist imageAbout the Artist

Timeloop comes from a world far far away and has been bringing music to ears for near on 12 years, he decided early 2011 to make the move from being a DJ and to start his own productions, from there he has worked his alien ass off to build an amazing following and gain support from various names within the Bass music scene.

Timeloop has always loved broken beat genres and could be found playing breakbeat/drum and bass in his early years upon planet Earth, despite toying with various genres broken beats and heavy bass is where he is most content.

As of April 2012 Timeloop had gained a lot of interest from a couple of labels all because of his track “Bass Evolution” which hit hard like the comet that destroyed his home planet. So from there he has put sole focus on making a bigger dent in the scene and bring his music to a larger audience..

Artist Links:

Timeloop - Acid PlanetTimeLoop – Acid Planet
Introducing Timeloop to LayZee. This track is pure Acid Electro and takes you right back to everything that was good about the late 80′s. Perfect production right the way through with an underground vibe going on this will go down well with all the seasoned DJ’s and fans alike. The tracks progression edges toward Dubstep but never looses that classic Atari Electro feel, one of those tracks that will get played more than once by those who download it. 

RELEASE DATE 11th Feb 2013


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